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Mangoes in Paradise (36" x 36")

Mangoes in Paradise (36" x 36")


Mangoes in Paradise (36" x 36" acrylic and oil on gallery wrapped canvas). Other paintings shown are listed below.

  • Details

    36" x 36" acrylic and oil on gallery wrapped canvas (largest painting shown here in lower left of photo). 


    Displayed alongside Mangoes in Paradise are the following paintings which can also be found in the Shop:


    • 8”x8” acrylic on canvas in thin black metal frame (shown here at bottom center, frame not shown). Price: $75.00 each.
    • Gap brand oversized hand painted denim jacket in XS (shown here lower right, hanging from easel). Price: $200.00.
    • Spreading Joy No. 1 and Spreading Joy No. 2 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, each painting 20" x 20" and shown here on the two easels. These may be purchased individually ($350) or as a set ($700 - see Spreading Joy diptych).
  • Artist's Note

    On my walks through our neighborhood recently with my precious puppy, Daisy, I have had the pleasure of watching mangoes ripen on the trees. Over the course of a few weeks, when the fruits went from solid green to a beautiful, almost iridescent-looking rose colored top, I decided I wanted to paint them and the result is Mangoes in Paradise, which is the largest painting shown in these photos. Did you know that mangoes are the symbol of love and happiness and possess the magical power to grant wishes?

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