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Spreading Joy No. 2 (20" x 20")

Spreading Joy No. 2 (20" x 20")


Spreading Joy No. 2 (acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas)

  • Details

     Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas painting 20" x 20" 

  • Artist's Note

    Painting with these happy colors and metallic paints felt joyous, so I just kept painting! I created this Spreading Joy series ranging in size from 36”x 36”, to 20”x20” down to 8”x8”. I even painted a denim jacket! The paintings are such fun because they can be mixed and matched-two 20”x20” side-by-side, on top of one another, or one 20” flanked by some of the little guys. If you would like some of the joy spread to your home, just contact me.

    Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

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