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The Big Reveal (36" x 36")

The Big Reveal (36" x 36")


The Big Reveal (oil, acrylic, and gold metallic paints - framed)

  • Details

    36" x 36" oil and acrylic with gold metallic on gallery wrapped canvas - framed

  • Artist's Note

    I watch a lot of home renovation shows. I’ve seen a castle restored in France, a hotel in the Bahamas brought back to life, a townhome in Chicago redone, and the list goes on and on. These are my bedtime shows; guaranteed no violence. My favorite part of every one of these programs is the big reveal at the end of each episode (if I'm still awake!).


    When I began work on this painting, I went in one creative direction adding layers and layers of paint. As I worked, I wasn't getting exactly what I had in mind—that is, until I started scraping paint off of the canvas. The more I scraped, the more I liked what was being revealed below.


    The result? This painting which, naturally, I've titled The Big Reveal!

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