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Hunter Moon Over Gulf (24" x 24")

Hunter Moon Over Gulf (24" x 24")


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Hunter Moon Over Gulf (acrylic on canvas)

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    This painting is no longer available.

  • Details

    24" x 24" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

  • Artist's Note

    I love nature! I really enjoy seeing the phases of the moon and the tide rising and falling at the beach. One night after dinner at a restaurant, my husband and I wandered out along the water (one of the benefits of living in Florida!). Low and behold, when we reached the water, LOTS of people were out with telescopes. Never one to be shy, I asked what they were looking at. One nice gentleman explained the Hunter Moon, which was absolutely amazing AND he let me look through his telescope. What I saw moved my soul and I rushed home and started this painting from memory early the following morning. Still makes my heart sing to think about the amazing beauty.

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