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Reflections of Hope (diptych)

Reflections of Hope (diptych)


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Reflections of Hope (acrylic on canvas)

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    These companion pieces are no longer available.

  • Details

    Two acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas paintings, each 12" x 16."

  • Artist's Note

    Like so many others, throughout 2020 the challenges people are facing around the country and around our world are never far from my mind. I have always loved the interplay of sunlight reflecting off of manmade buildings and natural bodies of water. As I picked up my paintbrush recently, I felt called to paint this scene of peacefulness with a sparkle of hope. May our cities and our world not settle for returning to what we were, but reach for what we might become - better than before! Reflections of Hope is a diptych; the two canvases individually measuring 12" x 16" are meant to hang together.

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