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Mystery Within (12" x 16")

Mystery Within (12" x 16")


Mystery Within (oil on gallery wrapped canvas) 

  • Details

    12” x 16” oil on gallery wrapped canvas

  • Artist's Note

    As an artist, I’ve recently found immense joy in exploring smaller canvases—an unexpected departure from my usual work. Armed with oil paints, I allowed myself to play freely, and this piece emerged from that delightful process. When I gaze upon Mystery Within, I perceive an ethereal figure—an angel bathed in luminous light. The title encapsulates both what I see within these brushstrokes and the enigma that abstract art always presents. There’s a magnetic pull, an invitation to peer deeper, to unravel the hidden stories. I wish you could experience this painting firsthand; it radiates with an inner glow that defies words!

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