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Love Shines Through (24" x 24")

Love Shines Through (24" x 24")



Love Shines Through (acrylic and metallic on canvas)

  • Details

    36" x 36" acrylic and metallic on gallery wrapped canvas

  • Artist's Note

    The sorrow and joy that comes from loving was the inspiration for this painting. The shadow, that place in our heart where sad feelings, hurtful memories, and the pain that inevitably comes with living reside—exists alongside the light, that place in our heart where love’s ability to radiate through pain and loss to find resolution and peace can be found. This light side of our heart stores good memories, happy thoughts and is the well we draw from when hard times come along. Though hurt may often be the price we pay for loving someone deeply, living a full life with purpose and meaning means living with both shadow and light. 

    Read my post about this painting in its entirety here.

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