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Joyful Creation (36" x 48")

Joyful Creation (36" x 48")


Joyful Creation (acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas)

  • Details

    36" x 48” acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

  • Artist's Note

    Awakened by gratitude and creativity, I seized this grand 36" x 48" canvas, my paints and tools, and ventured into the backyard. My original intent was to craft something for my entryway, harmonizing with the oriental rugs underfoot. But as I “scribbled” with vibrant hues, I rediscovered the delight of childlike play and reveled in the sheer joy of creating! Bringing that spirit indoors, I transformed the canvas into a painting which radiates happiness, inviting smiles and warmth. While it doesn’t match the rugs, I believe Joyful Creation will find its perfect home—perhaps in your space?

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