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Heart's Desire (40" x 30")

Heart's Desire (40" x 30")


* * * SOLD ** *

Heart's Desire (acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas)


  • * * * SOLD * * *

    This was a client comissioned painting and has already been sold. 

  • Details

    40" x 30" acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

  • Artist's Note

    As an artist, the honor of seeing my paintings grace clients' homes is truly humbling. Recently, a dear friend asked for an abstract piece—a canvas that would resonate with her soul. In the dance of colors, I found flowers blooming once more, but this time, a heart and a bird emerged as well. It reminded me of childhood days spent poring over Highlights magazine, eagerly seeking hidden treasures within the pages. Abstracts, too, hold that same sense of wonder and discovery. And so, I present Heart’s Desire. This 40"x30" acrylic abstract on gallery-wrapped canvas captures the unexpected—a heart that revealed itself amidst the brushstrokes. May it evoke joy, curiosity, and perhaps a touch of nostalgia.

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