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Eye of the Storm (40" x 36")

Eye of the Storm (40" x 36")


Eye of the Storm (acrylic and mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas)

  • Details

    40" x 36" acrylic and mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas

  • Artist's Note

    Hurricane Ian barreled toward the Florida coast. Recognizing the storm’s power as well as the powerlessness of those in its path, I distracted myself in my studio and got to work on this painting. Initially forecast to make landfall in my hometown of Tampa, Ian defied meteorologists’ predictions and missed Tampa altogether, making landfall instead 130 miles south near Fort Myers. Though my immediate fears for the safety of family and friends eased as the hurricane changed direction, my thoughts turned to the thousands of people who would find their lives upended in the eye of the storm. 


    The eye of a hurricane is unusually quiet, still, and calm, despite the swirling chaos that encircles it. Though we escaped the wrath of Hurricane Ian, my family and I are facing many other unexpected swirling life challenges. Painting Eye of the Storm brought me solace and put my focus back on my own calm center; that place within me where I can find peace and respite and even beauty as the chaos of life swirls all about. I plan to keep focusing on that quiet, still place within as I move through the challenging days ahead. Will you join me?