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Quiet Evening (30" x 40")

Quiet Evening (30" x 40")


* * * DONATED * * *

Quiet Evening (acrylic on canvas)

  • * * * DONATED * * *

    This painting donated to Tampa General Hospital Infusion Center.

  • Details

    30" x 40" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

  • Artist's Note

    I live with a chronic autoimmune disease called lupus. Treatment sometimes involves trips to an infusion center where the drugs that treat the disease are administered intravenously. This treatment can be tedious and take up most of a day. At the infusion center, there are small areas called "bays" designated for patients to receive treatment. At my infusion center, there are "front" bays with windows and "back" bays without. On the days I'm assigned a windowless back bay, the hours seem to drag on. On one of these windowless days, it occurred to me that I could do something to brighten these areas and perhaps make another patient's time in this plain space a bit brighter. And so I donated three large paintings, one of which is Quiet Evening. Now, although I still prefer a window seat, when I'm without I have a reason to smile.

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