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A Spring Walk (diptych)

A Spring Walk (diptych)


A Spring Walk (acrylic on canvas; two panels each 15" x 30")

  • Details

    Two acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas paintings, each panel 15" x 30." 

  • Artist's Note

    A diptych is two paintings that together create a singular piece of art. This diptych, A Spring Walk, was inspired by the Southern Live Oaks (an iconic tree particular to the Old South) I pass each morning on my walk through my Tampa Bay neighborhood and the vivid blue skies of spring they reach toward. I set to work capturing the subtle movement and contrasting colors of trunk and leaf and shifting sky on canvas. Feeling the painting needed something more, I set it aside to consider what was missing. Mother Nature, as she so often does, graciously provided the “something more” when, on my next walk, I happened upon an exquisite yellow rose in full bloom. That was it! As soon as I returned to my studio, I added the soft but cheerful colors of the yellow rose—an optimistic symbol of friendship and caring—to the painting. Now, A Spring Walk reflects just what I meant to convey.

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