Shadow and Shine (24" x 36")

Shadow and Shine (24" x 36")


Shadow and Shine (acrylic on canvas) 

  • Details

    24” x 36” acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 

  • Artist's Note

    “Joy and sadness are not opposites,” writes author Jay Michaelson in his book, The Gate of Tears: Sadness and the Spiritual Path. “Sometimes, they coexist, like two consonant notes of a complex yet harmonious chord.” Creating this painting was a spiritual offering of thanks. I have come to realize more fully how interconnected sadness and joy and shadow and shine are in the shared and often challenging human experience. In my own life, my husband and I live with our reality of my long-time lupus and his more recent cancer diagnosis. Together, we face the shadow and sadness as we embrace the shine and joy. Our lives are filled with both and this painting reflects that. The gray and gold colors of this painting are representative of our life now— challenging without a doubt, but filled with moments of joy, of “shine” very much alive in the shadows.