Note to Self - Life is Short: Eat Dessert First

Note to Self - Life is Short: Eat Dessert First


Life is Short: Eat Dessert First - Notes to Self Series (acrylic on canvas)

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    12” x 16” acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

  • About the "Notes to Self" Series

    You would think that my first career as a teacher, trainer, and speaker on the topic of resiliency would have prepared me adequately to deal with challenging times. Let me tell you; I’m now a big believer in the saying, “We teach what we most need to learn!” Like most people, when times get tough, I forget (or neglect to practice) the skills to help me better cope. Thus, when times got extremely challenging for my family in 2019, I decided to paint some reminders to myself. Life is Short: Eat Dessert First is part of an ongoing series titled Notes to Self. I think of the individual paintings in the series as giant sticky notes to trigger my memory and make me smile. I hope they also remind you of a few of the things that can make you smile and make your life a little more pleasant; especially if times get tough.